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COMING UP on Media Edge:

Episode 629

(initially on cable access TV:
May 27 - June 2, 2017)

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Segment 1: "The Laura Flanders Show"
(25 minutes)

On this week's episode, a question of how we can use direct action to create and sustain long-range, inclusive and effective movements.  Guests L.A.
Kauffman and Jesse Myerson discuss the history of protest movements, the limits, and the potential that they incur for creating community-oriented
solutions to patriarchy, capitalism, and colonialism.  L.A. Kauffman is the author of "Direct Action: Protest and the Reinvention of American Radicalism," which looks at the history of protest movements.  Jesse Myerson is an organizer, former "Occupy" leader and writer for publications like Dissent and Rolling Stone.


Segment 2: "Why Civilians Suffer More When a War Is Over"
(14.5 minutes)

In a war, it turns out that violence isn't the biggest killer of civilians. What is? Illness, hunger, poverty — because war destroys the institutions that keep society running, like utilities, banks, food systems and hospitals. Physician Margaret Bourdeaux proposes a bold approach to post-conflict recovery, setting priorities on what to fix first.

Segment 3: "Koch Brothers Exposed"
(56 minutes)

This documentary shines a light on billionaires David and Charles Koch, who were handed the ability to buy our democracy in the form of giant checks to
the House, Senate, and soon, possibly even the Presidency.  It investigates where their money went and who their money hurt during the process leading
up to the 2014 elections.


Segment 4: "Greed 101"
(5 minutes)

Hedge funds that profit off of the misery of places like Puerto Rico are raking in massive dollars by forcing schools to close and making education unaffordable. They're called "vulture funds" and they make a killing off of places like Puerto Rico — sometimes literally.

Segment 5: "Behind the Lies of Holocaust Denial"
(15.5 minutes)

"There are facts, there are opinions, and there are lies," says historian Deborah Lipstadt, telling the remarkable story of her research into Holocaust deniers — and their deliberate distortion of history. Lipstadt encourages us all to go on the offensive against those who assault the truth and facts. "Truth is not relative," she says.

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